How 'The Amazing World of Gumball' Uses Meta Humor to Appeal to Generations New and Old

How ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ Uses Meta Humor to Appeal to Generations New and Old

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Cartoon Network’s ‘The Amazing World of Gumball‘ writers knew exactly how to capitalize on new animation trends.

From its most memorable episode, which was broadcasted on Cartoon Network in 2011, to its last unique episodes in 2019, The Amazing World of Gumball has been watched by kids and grown-ups the same for barely 10 years. This show reliably gives a special and vital diversion experience for all ages. Regardless of being circulated simultaneously as shows, for example, Adventure Time and Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball have become immediately conspicuous by its refusal to adhere to one explicit liveliness style. Its artists use everything from customary 2D-activity to 3D-Animation, to try and be surprisingly realistic now and again to cause this world to feel siphoned loaded with innovativeness and uniqueness. It wouldn’t be exceptional to see characters like Gumball (voiced initially by Logan Grove) and Darwin (voiced initially by Kwesi Boakye) connecting with understudies in a real sense put together with paper, or maybe an enormous, 3D-enlivened T-Rex understudy all things considered. The show’s other 2D-vivified characters even have stunningly various styles, like Alan the inflatable (voiced essentially by Hugo Harrison) or Carmen the desert flora (voiced principally by Alix Wilton Regan). The main show in ongoing memory that has been willing to endeavor such a particular mix of styles would be that of Uncle Grandpa. While that show, however, derives its humor from being flighty and irregular, The Amazing World of Gumball sources its parody from reality.

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While the facts confirm that the visuals of the show are honorable and conspicuous all alone, the composing is where one can truly tell that the show understands its listeners’ perspective well. This is on the grounds that the show utilizes a ton of meta-humor. To intricate, the journalists are exceptionally educated with regards to animation sayings and well-known media, and they utilize those pieces of media to create their own type of humor. For instance, in Season 2’s episode “The Sweater” Gumball and Darwin end up in a circumstance extremely suggestive of more established movies and shows in which they should battle an opponent gathering to gain favor with them. Rather than the two playing out the situation in the manner that one could anticipate that they should, preparing, buckling down and beating all chances by means of the force of kinship, the two young men rather endeavor to not have anything to do with the continuous plot. The whole humor of the episode is that the plot moves along precisely the way in which one would anticipate that it should, yet the heroes have definitely no interest in partaking in the circumstance. The essayists use what information they have about an accounting figure of speech and from it make another situation for watchers to appreciate. This is alluded to as a “spoof” and it is a major piece of how meta-humor functions for the show.

Spoof is involved by the journalists in plenty of ways, venturing to such an extreme as to spoof a show that would pursue substantially more to more seasoned crowds than to fresher ones. In Season 6, there is an episode named “The Lady” which is pretty much an immediate satire of The Golden Girls. The episode spins around the young men’s dad Richard Watterson (Dan Russel) claiming to be an older lady by the name of Samantha (Lorelei King). Samantha shares a striking likeness with The Golden Girls’ Blanche (Rue McClanahan) as wraps up her gathering of companions. The episode is covered with references to the exemplary sitcom. By making an episode around this reason, the journalists figured out how to take a generally well-known sitcom and spoof it so that both more youthful and more established crowds would appreciate it.

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Alongside involving spoofs in their composition, The Amazing World of Gumball additionally joins both visual and account organizations to make particular and noteworthy episodes. An illustration of this comes from an episode in Season 3 named “The Money.” The reason for this episode is that the Watterson family is destitute, and subsequently, they have their effects repossessed in the wake of deciding to not support a brand and “selling out.” However, the repossession doesn’t stop with only their actual belongings. Gradually, the Wattersons end up being depleted of variety and activity as it is uncovered that “when you don’t have cash, your entire world self-destructs.” Not just is this a cunning technique for the authors to evaluate the entrepreneur climate our social orders are based upon, however, it is likewise one more strategy for them to make a meta circumstance for the family to handle. They are continually mindful of the way that their reality is animation in nature, and in this way, the errors and loss of subtleties aren’t something innately world-breaking for them, yet rather simply one more snag for them to survive. As scenes progress, things get much more meta, at last, reaching the place where rather than an enlivened setting, the family is introduced on storyboard notes. This is played plainly, with the Wattersons being totally mindful that these progressions are happening. In the end, they arrive at the burger put in the wake of becoming strict doodles on tacky notes. As the family signs the agreement, they recover their unique structures.

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The explanation that this meta-humor functions admirably is on the grounds that more current ages are growing up with simple admittance to the web. In that capacity, they are frequently presented to an assortment of funny posts called “images” named after the expression “image” which was developed by Richard Dawkins in 1976. The expression “image” is characterized by Merriam-Webster as, “A thought, conduct, style, or use that spreads starting with one individual then onto the next in a culture.” with regards to Internet images, it is a strategy for expressing a thought by involving a prior thought as the establishment. For instance, an image could show well known Muppet character, Kermit, the Frog tasting tea with text giving a cheeky explanation followed by “yet that is nothing of me should be worrying about.” One could substitute any cheeky proclamation into the image organization, and it would in any case work on the grounds that socially everybody comprehends the tone of the image right away.

Memes are quickly becoming the type of humor to which younger generations are constantly exposed. In a rapidly evolving internet culture, memes are being used more and more for people to interact with one another on platforms such as Reddit. This relates to The Amazing World of Gumball because the show is not afraid to use modern culture to shape its writing, and memes are just another form of that culture being shaped into new ways. The show’s use of parodies falls under the definition of “meme” and as such it takes full advantage of the new generations’ exposure to memes to formulate anything from one-off bits to entire episodes that can be enjoyed and understood without much context. Those who have never seen The Golden Girls will likely still find the parody episode above funny, but those who have seen the classic sit-com will get much more enjoyment out of it because they understand the cultural background that serves as the basis for many of its jokes. The show thus makes use of our rapidly growing understanding of how memes work to add a new layer of comedy into its situational humor.

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Even though The Amazing World of Gumball the series has officially concluded, a newmovie is set to be released in 2022 on HBO Max. The Amazing World of Gumball was a show that was ahead of the curve regarding adopting meme-like animation, and it served as yet another example of the motto, “The only way to survive is to adapt.” The writers used this rapidly growing form of comedy to create a show that knew exactly who its audience was and what made them laugh for over ten years. Hopefully the new movie will follow in these footsteps.

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