Alexander Skarsgård is on a Viking revenge spree in The Lighthouse supervisor’s The Northman

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The brand-new thriller combines cast members from Robert Eggers’ previous movies

Robert Eggers, the director behind well-known indie flicks The Witch and The Lighthouse, is back, but with a much bigger actors. The Northman incorporates some of the actors members from his previous 2 movies, adds a couple of even more popular actors, as well as informs a Viking tale of revenge.

Alexander Skarsgård stars as Amleth, a Viking prince who witnessed his father’s (Ethan Hawk) murder and also his mother’s (Nicole Kidman) kidnapping when he was a child. Now a grown-up, Amleth is passing his vengeance with appointment from enchantresses (Björk and also Anya-Taylor Delight). Quickly seen in the movie’s trailer is Willem Dafoe (Heimer the Fool), seen in Eggers last film, The Lighthouse, as wickie Thomas Wake. Ralph Ineson as well as Kate Dickie, Taylor-Joy’s puritan moms and dads from The Witch, will certainly likewise appear in The Northman.

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Understood for more intimate movies, The Northman is an action in a various direction for Eggers. In an interview with EW, the director clarified the tale’s origins. “It’s basically the story of District or The Lion King, which was initially an old Norse story where the Community character was called Amleth,” claimed Eggers. “We’ve told it in our very own means. It is a Viking saga with magic as well as swords and also mysticism as well as all right stuff that you ‘d want from that.”

Eggers additionally informed EW that he as well as Skarsgård collaborated over their common aggravation over wishing to make a Viking film. The supervisor and actor wished to construct something authentic; the reverse of exactly how popular culture generally shows Vikings. “Hocus Pocus had sort of nailed the last nail in the coffin of witches being so scary,” claimed Eggers. “With The Witch, I wanted to claim, ‘Really, let me reveal you what witches are for real.’ People assume that they understand Vikings. They think about the Kirk Douglas Viking film [1958’s The Vikings] They assume anime men with horn headgears or specific television shows where Vikings gown like science-fiction rock stars. This is something extremely different.”

Eggers co-wrote the movie with Sjón, an Icelandic storyteller and also poet he fulfilled via mutual buddy, Björk.

The Northman will strike movie theaters in April 2022.

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